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How to do the safety measures for aluminum roof fans?

Aluminum roof fans have very good use in all walks of life. The widespread use of fans also provides a great boost to the development of wind turbines. Now the use of roof fans, exhaust fans, and axial fans has brought great comfort to the whole living environment. Let's take a look at what should be noted for roof fans?
When installing the roof fan, it is necessary to have reliable measures against rain and snow. For the second time of the fan, the anti-aging material must be added to increase the use time of the roof fan. Roof fans need to have bird nets to prevent birds from entering. Stainless steel can also greatly improve the pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of roof fans. It is necessary to have fixed measures to ensure that they can be safe in the wind. Avoid accidents that fall. The use of roof fans is very effective but also needs to be used safely.