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What are the prices of LED street lights?

If calculated according to the price of the whole set of LED street lamps, the main price is divided into three parts: light source lamps, LED street lamp power supplies, and street lamp poles.

In terms of subdivision, there are also ways to distinguish the size of the lighting, the speed of the light source and the brand. The LED street light power supply should distinguish between the brand and the wattage. As for the light pole, the height, material, thickness, etc., and other packaging costs, buried Cage is also a small part of the price.

Overall, the price of LED street lamps is determined according to the specific needs of the configuration. There is no standard pricing. It seems that the price of led street lamps with the same style can often be matched with several different prices.

How to price LED street lamp manufacturers?

Different demand configurations correspond to different prices, so how to price LED street lamp manufacturers is suitable? Generally speaking, the LED street lamp industry is relatively mature now, and the price is more and more transparent. The LED street lamp engineering buyers also understand the price.

In general, in addition to the total cost, plus 5%-10% of corporate profits is basically the final market-oriented price. The price of LED street lamps is also relatively simpler than the price of solar street lamps. It is also better to do calculation comparison. The price difference under the same configuration is getting smaller and smaller.

LED street light price combination

Like most products, in general, the sales price of a physical product is generally composed of: raw material, accessory cost + labor cost + package transportation finished product + enterprise rent, machine accumulated depreciation expense + tax fee + enterprise profit = sales price. What we usually say is a discount. In fact, it is often a discount on corporate profits. How do you say this?

Because the market economy is also the LED street light, in the case of the same quality of the same specifications, the cost of raw materials, labor, transportation and packaging, etc. are relatively close to each other, even the same cost. Assume that the LED street lamp products with a sales price of 1,000 yuan, of which the enterprise profits account for 10%, that is, 100 yuan, then the preferential treatment given by the enterprise is from the 100 yuan, and the company will not reduce the preferential rate to the preferential price. More than 100 yuan, the cost has been 900 yuan, and the selling price is less than 900 yuan, how can companies survive?

Similarly, if the market cost 900 yuan products, there is an LED street lamp manufacturer telling you that their sales price is lower than 900 yuan, then I can almost certainly tell you that they will not make profits in this part of the company's profits, generally It is to adjust the cost of 900 yuan. The market price is 1,000 yuan, the general cost of the market is 900 yuan, and the company's profit is 100 yuan.

At this time, if the company wants to maintain a profit of 100 yuan, and the sales price is controlled at 900 yuan below the market cost, there is only one possibility, that is, its cost is less than 900 yuan. This also means that we often say cut corners and poor quality. I am here to point to it, I believe that everyone can understand what I want to express, all the sales prices below the general cost of the market are attractive inferior prices! Please stay away from it.